Thursday, July 22, 2010

Missed my first buck last night...

Yeah, in Utah, about a future six pointed velveted antlered buck tried to cross the road but wasn't waiting on the light. And he spooked at my headlight and went back to the brush.

I have arrived in Oregon, but still on Mountain Time, I have to go up the road to get some more time for the journey - don't have any energy but I am closer all the time. Sprinklers in Idaho woke me from one of my more pleasant naps, suddenly at two in the morning, sigh. Lots of road construction to slow everyone down, but boy the roads they have finished are really nice.

Got to go, Oregon has a public station at the welcome center - and free coffee. I am really happy, I am close enough to home to not need a map. A nap yes, but not a map. Well, I do thank the fine folks of Oregon for the chance to notify my waiting public. Well, I can dream can't I?


Brigid said...

Glad the journey is going well. It's a beautiful bike.

Earl said...

A couple of gully washers and muddy spots are hiding all the shine, but I will work on that tomorrow, I am home, and the Trusty Triumph has made it possible.