Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just coolin' out today...

I once gave lots of advice to my nephews and nieces, profound thoughts about my life experiences and the future. Thinking today, I realized all the best advice is in the Holy Bible, but one has to read and study it. That could take a whole lifetime. My personal advice wasn't wrong, but very general and certainly not exposing any living people to being held up as an example of good or bad. One can only prepare for the future one wants, or expects and then finds out that might not be the future one is living in, years later. Do the best you can for all the best of reasons, because you love.

That was my sermon for today, I am in rest mode, they are charging money to go to the park - and I wondered who decided that was a good idea, not me. I am finishing John Ringo's re-entry into my little world of space combat (Eye of the Storm), his super agent with strange sexual desires drove me away... which was a good place to be. Jazz on the stereo, and the televisiion hasn't been on all day.


Frank W. James said...

Our little church gave thanks for your safe return home Sunday morning. You were not forgotten.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Old NFO said...

Well, it IS the best selling book of all time, which just 'might' mean something! And I agree 100% !