Monday, July 26, 2010

They are looking for a Library Board member, me?

Pierce County is looking for Library Board Members, no pay, but applications in by the 25th of August. Yes, I will look into it, gives me some place to wear a tie.

I did exercise a little more, jog the same gently - but the breathing is coming back. I have finished my cleaning of the Trusty Triumph today, will take it for servicing tomorrow. I did add a couple of pounds of air pressure to the rear tire, I did clean and grease the chain.

Thirdpower of Days of our Trailers linked his Appleseed blog posts on the After Action Report on the Appleseed forum. Like to think I got him to do that, write the posts and take the pictures - but it is all on him, he even found a local Appleseed to go to. So how do I motivate all the other gun blogging types out there to attend, take pictures and write about it? I am not pushy enough, but will work on some ideas. We need more shooters, safe and sane ones, because outnumbering them as is agin' us, is the only way to make them feel lost and alone. Until they convert by coming to an Appleseed.

Now that is an idea, y'all could invite you local anti-gunner to an Appleseed, to see safe, sane shooting being enjoyed by all ages and genders... nah, you would have to provide ammo and rifle, sigh. How to convert the heathen, the unbelievers, the know-it-all but know-it-wrongly's?

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