Friday, July 30, 2010

The New York Times finally notices something I do...

and gets it wrong, but they did notice. Did they do it because it gives substance to their fears of an armed independent American, one not ruled by laws no one reads nor comment from the experts in Main Stream Media (the NYT?).

My sister and Thirdpower sent me links to the article by the New York Times to be in print form on Sunday, Appleseed, A version of this article appeared in print on August 1, 2010, on page MM38 of the Sunday Magazine.

Look at the pictures, the video, and then remember that the writer has a reason for his word choice, the way he lays out his thoughts and reports and questions to lead you to his conclusions, mostly murky and fearful. I am going to be instructing at an Appleseed tomorrow, and my little profile blog blurb about me and rifle shooting in Junior High Rifle Club in the high school, and wanting to get those clubs back into the schools stands firm. I spent many years in the United States military, and never taught anyone to shoot as well as I do now, when you have artillery and bombs from above it wasn't thought necessary. But I already know that satisfaction of placing a shot on target, small little targets far away.

Then there is the History of 19 April, 1775 the day the Regulars came out and the people stood up, and marched to confront and confound them. The day that should be engraved on the hearts of Americans, President Clinton didn't even know nor care about the date - he thinks about cultural shifts of values in America - I know mine happened after I served my tour in Vietnam, when did his happen?

Well, I could pull apart his article for the manner of presentation. I did earn my Rifleman Patch in Monroe, WA at the range of Mr. Faire, it was a nice range and operation, you can see pictures of the strange future militia in the girl with the pink rifle. Just look at the Monroe, WA Appleseed links on the left. He no longer is with us, and the range is very closed. And I am certain that the Tea Party and Appleseed have no common ground except a dissatisfaction with the America of our nightmares. Having come back from seeing the real beauty of the Americans and our country - not filtered by media or so-called entertainment - I have no trouble teaching more people to shoot to 4 Minutes of Angle and telling the story of April 19, 1775 and small dairy towns in New England.

Remember, your life begins a new daily, Trust in God, love life and all those good folks around you and you will never have to read the New York Times for their opinion about it, you will know and be smiling.

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