Friday, July 30, 2010

Better things to do with my time...

I do think my body is just waking up to the fact that I am not riding my Trusty Triumph across America, and I feel just fine today. Both my credit card statements are here and I didn't do as badly on cost as I had feared, certainly could have saved a dollar or two more but not enough to worry over.

So I have unpacked the M1 Garand, and am off to the range for some quality time on target. This old man knows how to have a good time. Don't you know I wish I could be watching the Juniors, ROTC Rifle Teams and all the others at Camp Perry compete? It would be good just to go and listen to them and be in awe of their rifles and how well they handle them. Remembering some un-informed (clueless) commenter "the military got away from using slings" - probably never in the military, and certainly doesn't really know much about aimed fire. The folks at Camp Perry do, and will be using slings, shooting jackets and many strange items that the military (unless they are on the Marksmanship Teams) got away from. But then I don't know very much, I tried talking to my brother and his point of view isn't mine and doesn't change until he wants to, which is what Liberty is all about. Take care out there, and make every shot count.


Welll, I put my M1 together on the range, shot five rounds to find my zero, moved my sights in correction based on inches, minutes and clicks - lovely military sights. Shot a clip to prove I was right on, I was using the 50 ft small bore rifle target at 25 yards, with no 22LR rule. Happy I posted another target on the 100 yard line, a 100 yard small bore rifle target - my rifle doesn't care. Clip one, four inside the ten, three on the nine and one flyer (I called it, just couldn't call it back) on the seven ring, sigh. Then I did the second clip and we won't talk about it since it wasn't up to the first clip, one miss, one six all others in the black but I need more practice. Next week I will go for 100 yards standing and 200 yards sitting, it will be good. One day I will get out to six hundred at that range, when they go for long distance. Only competing against myself, I am the only one impressed, when it is right it is so right.

Fellow shooter advised me not to take my M1 apart nor clean it while competing, and I explained the breakdown case and the motorcycle. He asked if Deals Gap was that good, and I got to wax eloquent. He said he might try it in his sports car, and I said that others were doing that when I rode it. Can always find someone to talk to in the library, church coffee and at the range - the television is never on nor there.

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Old NFO said...

Good shooting Earl, a called flyer is not bad, it's the uncalled ones that 'hurt'... :-)