Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rest day, no adventures today...

I did wash the Trusty Triumph, and it looks fine, shining in the Sun. I put my hand down to support my cleaning of the rear wheel, and it was put onto a fire ant nest, sigh. OUCH! and bitter biter thoughts. I washed and brushed off the little demons quickly. It did not make me happy. If one wanted to make a real monster film make them larger and meaner and everywhere the Sun shines.

I've had two naps today. I am sleepy because I am infected with the lazy grasshopper virus from the fire ants, or I am without stress and rest takes over. Outside the streets are molten, the white concrete driveway is cooler. I highlighted the route I have ridden so far, wrote an email to my next human contact after leaving here - I could pretend all others are just avatars on my journey. Well, I will have a couple of thousand miles to ride, I leave here on the 14th and I want to go home, only three scheduled stops, no more Appleseeds to visit or work that I know about, I do have to call Hawaii this evening.

There is pressure from the RWVA leadership to double and tripple our membership and the number of Appleseeds. Like building anything, the pressure from above takes the best stuff away from the experience. I like to instruct marksmanship, build new instructors, and tell the story of our Revolutionary Heritage. I don't have many years left, so I don't ask how many people have joined the RWVA or how many Appleseeds I have worked and how many Riflemen I have given a patch to... I am only working on the base - American Riflemen that know and appreciate their heritage. I expect that they will be the ones that will save the sinking American ship, it won't be the ones sitting in recliners soaking up Main Stream News, or the ones waiting for a Savior (that one has already happened) or a good and wise King. I think the leadership needs to work on more of all they hold dear, but don't tell me how you measure success. I measure it one shooter at a time, just like firing the shot, you can only affect the shot you are taking, not the potential ones on another target. Just the one you are taking.


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