Monday, July 12, 2010

Such fast moving adventures, or how to keep up...

I went shopping today, and that hasn't happened in a long while, but it needed to. I got some clothes to wear in polite society, not that polite, I haven't changed that much. I was off to visit my aunt Irene and Daryl my cousin, he had two other ladies there, and introduced one as one of my FarmVille neighbors, and she was - they aren't all just electronic reproductions. Had a great gab fest as my mother would say, the big thing was they wanted to hear about the Appleseed Program and what I was doing in it. So I tried to wax eloquent, or a reasonable facsimile.

It wasn't all about me, but I listened to their stories, too. My cousin Ron called from Hawaii, and it was put on speaker phone, but I couldn't convince his wife to put a motorcycle in his budget, we will all be in the Northwest by the start of August. I am dedicating tomorrow to learning more about the three boys in this family, I have been elsewhere so much that it is time for their supper and then they go off to bed, unfair to them. They do move too fast for me to catch all they are up to, but I try. I had two bowls of soup and several biscuits tonight, all my rain soaked and dirty laundry has been done, almost time to repack and prepare to hit the road, will clean up the Trusty Triumph tomorrow and depart on Wednesday for the trip to Dragon's Tail and Knoxville. My cousin and his wife won't be there until Friday.

Time to call my wife. Good Night!

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Ron and Joan said...

HI Earl
Love your BLOG, wish I was as good keeping up mine. Sounds like you have been having a wonderful time; I know Ron would love to visit everyone too, although we try to, but in a different way - no, no motorcyle for me!
Hope to see you in the Seattle area next month. Joan