Sunday, July 11, 2010

You do know that Florida is the Sunshine State?

After coffee I rode the Trusty Triumph back up to the Ancient City Shooting Range, for the second day of the Appleseed. I was looking forward to the Known Distance shooting event in the afternoon. It sprinkled lightly upon me as I rode, but this wasn't really rain. All the instructors were early today.

The shooters came in and set up, a few that weren't around yesterday. Also a mother and her daughter were watching over the son on his second day of shooting. The girl didn't want to watch her brother and others shoot, but when offered a chance to shoot she jumped into the day whole heartedly. I did a lot more working the line today, helping instruct and offering my sage advice on the shooter's style and possible improvements. Our high scorer was 205 today. Several people came by to see what was happening and the Shoot Boss talked to them and told them about the program.

I had a very nice lunch and the afternoon cooled off with the promise or heavy hint of rain coming. We came close to six AQTs today when it became time to do the 100 yard sightings and shooting. We moved the canopies and equipment after casing the rifles, and moved back to establish a new firing line. We fired the first sighters, and went to look at the targets, came back to fire five more and the rain hit - a real pounding heavy rain, coming down hard and fast and soaking, not that light stuff. With the lightning rolling around overhead the best idea was to go gather in the clubhouse until it stopped. So we did, and that was where we did an After Action Report with the shooters. When the rain and lightning lightened up we went out to pack up and clean the shooting range.

I don't really have a load for Appleseeds, ItsanSKS has a real packing nightmare to get all his canopies and other equipment packed on his truck. As I was helping clean up, I was standing in the swamp the rain had made of the range, and found myself target of fire ants (why do they bite at the same time?). Between them and the mosquitoes of Florida's best days I had too many creepy stuff and timing was always real world benefit.

It is almost eleven here, 2300hours, maybe I should just go to bed - and finish this in the morning. I rode the road to Palm Coast and ran into that storm and was properly soaked my rain gear for motorcycling was in my luggage. A warm puppy (okay, an older than dirt) man needed to get a hot shower, dry clothes, hot food and coffee then I might be able to upload the pictures on the RWVA forum.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of my leadership/teaching experience: sometimes things don't work the way you planned, and then you go to plan B or make another another plan.

Old NFO said...

Just remember, AA-ZZ are sometimes applicable too :-)

This time of year, Florida pretty much gets a shower EVERY afternoon!