Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer daze, nice to unwind...

North Carolina is warm and comforting, the road doesn't call to me. I am uncoiling from the frenzy of conquering miles, one could say I am resting and recovering. But the ride will continue, I have plans to visit an Appleseed in Saint Augustine, Florida as I visit family in the area. Then Tennessee and off to the WEST! Yippee!

But today was sleep as late as I could, wake really in slow motion, one gear engaged at a time in my head. The sounds of nature abound here, birds and bugs, birds and bugs - since I remember what birds eat I know why they are singing. Lots of various calls, none of which I would recognize but I do know a lady that would. The morning cool quiet doesn't promise to stay beyond the Sun's imposing. Lucky this house is cooled by large shade trees and gentle breezes, I have been where it would have been baked away. I had a modified gruel for breakfast, coffee and then on the computer to see what the internet had done in my absence. It had roared on, ignoring my lack of contribution to the clutter on the electronic highway.

My kind sister drove me to visit my mother, on an easy path, thinking I will remember it tomorrow. The visit was very good, I will go every day until it is time to move on. I lunched and napped and checked the fast moving internet again - I am so far behind. Pizza for dinner tonight, the heat outside stops all my movement, the house is cool enough to enjoy. Maybe a movie tomorrow, must check the recommended motorcycle rides, I have dirty clothes to think about washing.

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