Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Must be getting close to time to turn around...

I visited my mother again today, two more scheduled times to go. Then I am heading to Florida. Looked up the Saint Augustine Appleseed this weekend and I looked up the home that Dan and Paula live in - amazing street views, address is wrong but still great effort Google. I find my brother-in-law takes pictures, my sister remembers street names and neither can guide me in land navigation. Still I found what I was looking for. I don't expect to spend much time in Florida. It has come to the point I am looking at what I am carrying, and thinking of sending what I really don't need back home in a package (or just dump it), but sending it home does mean it will be there when I get back, and that could be a good thing. One shouldn't get so attached to stuff. My mother was all excited about Uruguay's match today, but the Netherlands made one goal more (2-3).

My mother seems to have made albums of each of her children's pictures - seems one of me may be stored in this house. I will send it home if it does. I am not the same person - every cell has been replaced, the code continues to replicate but with tatters and breaks, my thoughts certainly aren't the same, they have been shaded with filters, textured with emotional scars and always I am grateful I have been so loved so long, I hardly deserve it but sure do love it. Lonely is awful.

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Old NFO said...

To know love is special though... Many go through life without ever knowing that feeling. Enjoy the visit Earl!