Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The beginning of wisdom... yeah, that should be...

I am off on a five year planning spree. I have to make the plan, then execute it, then love the results, sounds so easy. I figure if I take up smoking and drinking and chasing women of unquestioned immoral behavior I can make it to sixty-eight or so, maybe to seventy-three. Since my five year plan includes nothing about smoking nor drinking (not wanting to pay the government anymore in taxes than I already do) I only have to worry about the constant temptations of those bad girls I keep seeing on poor television shows - I have hardly ever run into a real one, but then I am such a recluse maybe I wouldn't recognize them anyway - I don't get out enough.

So what is in the five year plan? Shooting, lots more shooting and sharing it. Learning how to reload and then reloading. Getting rid of stuff in the house, making it more of a home. Finding work: for building up the economy, paying taxes and participating in the American dream. I was so proud of myself, not turning on television nor computers this morning. Just have the gentle jog and walk to do yet and I will be closer to perfection than otherwise. My wife turned on the Korean News, and so I know about the weather in Korea (heavy rains, bad for rice harvest) and the North Koreans firing into the Yellow Sea where the US and ROK Navy are having joint maneuvers. The Japanese PM may apologize for the colonial period in Korea, since they were trying to civilize the Koreans, into almost Japanese. So I have the important stuff. I ate breakfast gruel on the back porch with the birds. I have figured out what kind of furniture I want back there.

Oh, yes, still going to work Appleseed, Vale, Oregon on the 28th and 29th of this month, have been invited to come on Friday and shoot long range with my M1, so I plan to. My wife wonders if she could come and I ask if she wants to shoot. We will see how that works out, August is full of her activities with church, work and Bible study cell. I leave you with a nice video from Western Rose, and I am in one of the pictures at least, but it is about children and Appleseed - so I will rate it G.


Old NFO said...

Good plan, but you can STILL look :-)

Brigid said...

Planning is good. Planning about lying prone shooting a boomstick is even better.