Monday, August 9, 2010

You know I don't talk to machines, they don't reason,,,

Yah, in the day of unemployment I stopped talking to machines on the telephone line. So when my auto dealer service center sends a computer call to find out how the service was, I hang up and don't bother to answer. And political hacks want to use the same service to find out how I am voting. Read my blog and you won't be surprised on voting day - I am not for most of your foolishness, but I am poor and forgiving. You can't get enough money from my few remaining years to make up for the stupidity of the last ten or so.

We voted today, for next Tuesday's Primary, not being locked into a political party is nice, like being a worker but not locked into a Union where the union leadership is as bad as the company management - put them in a room and you can't even tell them apart except they are on opposite sides of the table, no work roughened hands in the room, hair styling that costs more than my shirt.

Of course my wife voted a bit differently than I, she still believes in the goodness of the Democrats and the Republicans, and doesn't know what Green Party means. Still, the State voters pamphlete was helpful, candidate pictures and positions and their history. We tossed without reading the colorful flyers that have filled our postbox for the last few weeks - I kept them, but realized they were an economic stimulous for the printer, like the signs we should be using as target backers after the election is over. Recycle it all, white side of Christmas wrapping paper covers the backer, place target on it and shoot one's best. Every shot counts.

Saw Kelly go down last night, two extra rounds in case the first missed, thinking that through - it wasn't a bad call, but he was first and he should have been more confident. The target size and the lack of distance (the last two targets should have been at two hundred yards and three hundred yards) meant most were going to hit the targets. So speed of engagement and covering ground were the discriminators -- not the shooting ability. I haven't been watching all the episodes, and I haven't liked the format for the program, but realize that watching others shoot isn't exciting unless the target are hordes of savages bent on terrorizing our tranquil suburban neighborhoods. Shooting well is too cool and calm.

So that is why I don't talk to computers on the telephone anymore, press 1 now.


Old NFO said...

Good post Earl! I've watched a few episodes, and agree they really aren't trying to "force" good shooting. Kelly should have gone balls out and let the chips fall where they might. I 'think' it was a lack of confidence that did him in...

Old NFO said...

I'm going to be in your neck of the woods next Tuesday, shoot me an email if you're around.