Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I was OBOOMA'd in 2010...

The President came to the Great Northwest, to make money for Senator Patty Murray (since she isn't a software millionaire like the other Senator) and he talked with four or five small business owners about their future. Unfortunately, he is so afraid of the restive America he doesn't understand and know well, that when a pilot, flying himself, a woman and her daughter crossed into the Imperial Air Space, the RESTRICTED airspace which has the same beautiful blue color the rest of the sky has. When that happened, he launched two fully armed and flying FAST F-16s from the Portland AFB, and they hit afterburner at minimum altitude and took little time in blowing up all dangers in the Seattle area with the major sonic BOOMS, so I qualify for the $26.25 t-shirt, but am so too cheap to buy one.

I read another blog from LA, seems he was making demands on everyone's lives for his personal security there, too. Not only is he not welcome in certain areas for his political policies and beliefs by some in his own party, but now he wants to make everyone uncomfortable with his Imperial demands. And I thought Nixon had an over inflated idea of his importance, sigh. I remember hoping that President Bill Clinton would take up jogging in Washington, DC and the streets would get cleaned up - never happened, too many women in the way, but it could have happened.

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Yoda of Math said...

Secret Service has the job of protecting the president, so why do you say that it was Obama's idea to do all the restrictive stuff? You should have seen all the stuff that went on when George W. was president and visiting our area several times. I just loved having major arteries closed for him ... not.