Thursday, August 19, 2010

What are the odds?

How many Presidents have there been? How many have been assasinated? What are the odds? Okay, how many Lotto tickets are sold, and since I bought one, what are my odds of winning? better than if I hadn't purchased a ticket but still very slim (one would hope my personal health were much better than my odds of winning the big prize - and it has been). It all comes to mind, because there is a chance that I will be attacked and need to have an effective firearm to defeat my attacker. What are the odds? Over three hundred million Americans out there, most of them are not coming to get me (really!). The Secret Service doesn't think that way, they almost surely think that everyone is out to attack the President, but the truth is most of the world doesn't care, or wishes the President well, a few wish he would take his power somewhere else and not bother them, but most of the world isn't out to attack the President.

Which is why, my Security system is working so well (just like the TSA and the Secret Service). The people that could take me out without blinking an eye are busy doing heart surgery, brain operations or flipping burgers until they get a better job, they are raising families, painting pictures, building a future, destroying a past, writing home about it all. Most people are making the world a better place.

Do I think there are some that might do me harm one day? Yes, I do. Do I build my life around getting ready to defeat them? What are the odds? I know that disarming me will not make me safer - like disarming everyone except the terrorists on the four aircraft on 9/11, that was a government policy. If the passengers had been permitted to be armed, most wouldn't have had a firearm, but some would have. What would have happened? Doesn't matter the number of aircraft that didn't have suicide terrorists on them is always going to be greater than the number of aircraft with.... so what are your odds? of anything important.

I will love today, I will laugh today, I will learn today. Excellent odds on those things happening. Take care out there, drive safe and do remember that it is good we don't know the odds, just the feeling that we might win the Lotto are so much more positive than the odds of getting attacked.

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