Friday, August 20, 2010

I could write about guns today...

I am not knowledgeable enough and shooting hard enough nor in contact with the Gun Blog Net out there enough, but Enough is Enough. Seems that the Republic of Korea wants to return for sale M1 Rifles and M1 Carbines to the United States, and some folks in the current administration don't want that to happen.

So the Korean Times reports.

And it gets picked up by The Volokh Conspiracy for political pot stirring. I liked the first paragraph's ending:

According to The Korea Times, the Obama administration has blocked efforts by the South Korean government to sell over a hundred thousand surplus M1 Garand and Carbine rifles into the United States market. These self-loading were rifles introduced in 1926 and 1941. As rifles, they are especially well-suited to community defense in an emergency, as in the cases of community defense following Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Along with AR-15 type rifles, the M1 rifles are the quintessential firearms of responsible citizenship, precisely the type of firearms which civic responsibility organizations such as the Appleseed Project teach people how to use.

I have emailed my Congressman and running for re-election Senator Patty Murray, to see what they think of this. There are lots of Americans out there that could learn to use these fine historic firearms and have fun, the ROK Army has been carrying and using the ARs they make in Korea and except for some old historic Korean War drama and movies they don't need the surplus rifles and ammunition. We do.

I do need to get off the recliner and out the door, and shoot sharply and safely my M1 today. I still have my father's pistol belt and bayonet from WWII, Pacific Theater. I won't join the those items to the expedition, might make someone thing I was carrying an assault rifle of some kind.

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BadTux said...

I don't think anybody could ever confuse a M1 with being an "assault rifle" (which is a term for blingarific black guns carried by dark-skinned people in bad parts of town to impress each other and the occasional white passer-by with how blingarific they are -- the whole "assault rifle" scare is based on racism in the first place, much like the original outlawing of marijuana). It's a beautiful hunk of wood with a barrel sticking out the front and a small magazine out the bottom, looking little different from a .30-06 deer rifle. In fact, your typical .30-06 deer rifle is more accurate than a M1, has the same rate of fire as a M1, and because you can probably run +P ammo in a relatively new deer rifle (as vs. an antiquated relic) it probably even has more firepower than a M1. If we're going to ban a M1 as a "scary assault rifle", we'd need to ban all .30-06 deer rifles for the same reason.

Oh wait, I'm talking sense, and folks who think it ought to be banned are talking emotion, "ooh, it was a military rifle, means it must be evil!" Siiiiiiiigh! Morons. Human stupidity is the one constant of the universe....

- Badtux the Well-armed Penguin