Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just a quick note on the lost civilization....

I have been reading some things about it from people that really have studied the destruction of what was America, to what is today. They like to start with Wilson and go from there, but I wasn't born yet and so don't really think it is a one man, one thing happening.

But I can tell you that I used to fight other boys, and my parents would say something as they apologized for my childish bad behavior "boys will be boys". The personal note that as I look back was an indication that my chance of civilization was over was somewhere in Junior High School, when my mother decided that I needed to learn how to dance socially. Now there were Methodists of an earlier period that thought dancing was not a good thing, but not when I was growing up. So I went off to wear a tie and sports coat and learn how to dance. Jitter Bug and Foxtrot were the first two, and I was singled out to show everyone how good my partner and I went around the room - well, until we were the only ones on the floor we had looked okay. Gosh, I wasn't ready for dancing, and that would color the remainder of my social life.

But the almost stayed in civilization moment came when the dance teacher asked if we wanted to learn the waltz or the twist. One should never ask the students what they want to learn, you should tell them. Our group chose the twist and that was why I can't really be a civilized man on the dance floor - fighting outside was always so much more fun, socially (in my circles) acceptable, and why would I ever want to impress ladies with my dancing when I could beat up most of the male dancers of my age?

I still liked to laugh, to talk and to be nice to pretty cute young women, but my chance to be civilized was left in the ballroom as wild gyrations and sweat were found better than smooth gliding around the room with a lovely lady in one's arms.

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