Monday, August 23, 2010

Just watching the world pass me by...

Talking with some husbands of long marriages the other day, one spoke up about what you just can't tell your wife.

Well, all husbands know that they just can't tell their wife that they are dying. That can never be brought up, domestic bliss is critical for that long lasting marriage. So, the husband never tells her, for certain after the momentary shock, she will start to beat him up about how if he had only listened to her this wouldn't be happening -- all the way to his last breath. Not the way one wants to go out.

On Facebook a woman was wondering what was wrong with men? And I have all the answers, and having met a few women in my life I am now wise enough not to share those answers to that question. At church I was asked how I was, and feeling foolish I told the ladies asking that I haven't had a woman tell me yet today - so I have no opinion, at least one that would be factual.

In the search for education excellence, I heard that school is starting in earnest today. Someone said they aren't going to earnest, since Summer vacation is so much better. But really someone said that knowing which teachers actually teach well is rather easy - when comparing their students' performance on the same tests you can figure out which teachers should be kept and rewarded. The Asians understand this, but for some reason it is beyond the abilities of American Public Education to have some scientific evidence, like measurable performance. Is that how social promotions and grade inflation are justified - it is the way the teachers all share the good feeling of really trying their best? Like not wanting the motorcycle to lay down, but having no more power, rolling wheels nor momentum towards anything except down - good intentions to stay up won't save the bike, rider nor pavement.

I am behind today, although I wiped out the Huns and captured the last relic, but won on the World Wonder - I don't try winning through destruction, I like exploration, civilization advancement, trade and strong defense - where my enemies will break their swords against my walls... time for lunch, exercise and household projects. Take care out there.

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Long-time RN said...

Pour more money into the education system, yet there is no meausrable performance standard. The Dept of Ed. continues protecting poor educators. Blame the lack of learning on a 'jail like' envirnoment. Perhaps the kids will remain in school and absorb volumes within that architectural masterpiece in L.A. I'd like to see the stats from the RFK school in three years. However, the odds of those stats being inflated seem quite high.

You're a wise man, Earl, and your writing is most interesting and enjoyable.