Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Still strugglin' with bad behavior and excuses...

And I am not even talking about politics and those of different mind set, nope, it is personal.

I do know what I have to do, and lack courage - much easier to attack enemy fortifications than go through the boring drills and practice to get to where one might survive. Discipline is doing the correct thing when not being watched and hounded by those in charge, sad lack thereof is called foolish.

So, having found I wasted most of my day yesterday. I did one thing that would be positive, I worked on getting the guestroom right, or righter than it was. The closet needs lots of attention, but the majority of the room is now able to have a couple of adults wander in, sleep, change clothes, and sit in the chair and chat on the telephone. Of things that must be done, two frames on the wall need to come down and be replaced by something else, the CLOSET has to be cleaned out, organized a bit for some storage. Earl's Maxim - if you haven't needed it in the last three years, you really don't need it do you? Lucky me, the wife hasn't noticed yet that the garbage container is full. I could do this every Tuesday until there isn't any clutter, couldn't I?

Lots of old financial papers to shred, I did like burn barrels in the military, get two birds with one stone, but there are fire restrictions now as the rains aren't here yet but the drying Sun has been. Why do we keep old checks, copies of bills long ago paid? So we know how much less our dollar buys now than it did then? Yeah, I did like burning stuff, and find flames in fires dancing so fascinating. The smell of autumn leaves burning, and baking the potatoes we had in the pile - nice memories that Norman Rockwell took with him, although he might have left a picture of it.


threecollie said...

Burn barrels have been outlawed here too despite the monsoon....I am glad for the wood stove, which serves me as a paper "shredder".

Old NFO said...

I don't know why either Earl, but I found the same thing, bills etc. 4-5 years old... I snuck them into the office and the 'big' shredder :-)