Friday, August 6, 2010

Times up! Stand and deliver!...

My wife worries a bit about my dying before her, what to do about the firearms. She doesn't want my son to have them since he drinks. I don't think he wants them because he is a Glock/Sig or AR kind of a guy, and he isn't a serious shooter - although he is in the military (that would be the subject of another post - lack of serious shooting in the military). I think there should be a consignment Federal Firearms person out there somewhere, then the estate can get the money and distribute it as outlined in the will. I got two of my favorite rifles at a auction, back in the day when one could.

The reason the restless thoughts is that we are having a three day, whole street yard sale. I don't do yard sales but since everyone else is I will put the tables up and sell everything, I need an empty echoing house. My wife put large bundles of her clothes to sell - and I told her to give them to charity I don't sell old clothes. I don't sell anything, much more likely to give things away, no merchant in me, I am just a rabid consumer. She told me all the puzzles have to go, and I think she meant the games we have. Not being terribly social I don't have friends over to play games, come to think of it I don't have many friends, none that come over.

So I thought about why I have been saving the games, for years. They are fun to play with family, much more fun than sitting on a couch mindlessly watching commercials looking for stimulation. But you can't bring that back, sure enough in my niece's home with her three boys, two of them would play games with moldy old men, and there was instant response for jokes and teasing... must have been thinking that was going to happen in my life again. Never mind, they are on the block now. Extra coffee cups, service sets, glasses that don't match. I expect to sell so little but I know I will be tossing a lot away, it doesn't need to go back into the house.

To me, the yard sale isn't about money, it is about recycling - getting the stuff out of the cupboards and corners and into the light of day so someone else may have the pleasure of playing the game, doing the puzzle, or adding to their collections of things that don't match. What do I do with the 33 1/3 vinyl- does anyone need that in a digital world, should I have instructions for bending it into chip dishes? Everything out by nine or ten or as long as it takes me to haul it from the shadows. Old videos? do they still have players out there? The trash will be full for the next few weeks, I know. Time for coffee, breakfast and moving stuff, always too much stuff.

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threecollie said...

Just heard the yard sales are on down in town today...maybe I should go do my bit.
Word verification is profint. Hope you make one minus the n