Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Appleseed has a new face and new attendees?

Just looking at what we are welcoming. Readers of the New York Times, so cool. That bottom picture of the Shoot Boss and all the children getting Young Patriot patches, I took that one in Saint Augustine, Florida - my work is being used at the NATIONAL LEVEL (that will take my head awhile to recover from swelling up so large!) They are all great kids at every Appleseed, no matter what the New York Times fears - do you think they know anything about children? Nah, me neither.

National Public Radio sends this: The Role of Marksmanship in Preserving American Liberty You might find in their word choice and questions their lack of trust and understanding of an armed American citizenry... you might. I am not afraid, but then I have seen the face of Appleseed, and I know that if we had thirty-four shooters last Saturday - only four of them will continue to spread the Appleseed instruction and opportunity. The other thirty will take what we gave them and be safer with their rifles, perhaps shoot a little more and with more effect, and mostly go back to their lives and every once in a while find what we taught them useful or ringing with a truth until they come back for more instruction and practice.

Interesting that I got a nibble for a future Appleseed thanks to the New York Times article - it could be a great bumper sticker: The NY Times turned me on to Appleseed.


Anonymous said...

All right, brother Earl, you and the Appleseed letter to NY Times have caught my attention and interest. I think I just might make it to an Appleseed Shot in the next year or two. It certainly would help me to learn how to shot safely with something other than a bow.

Old NFO said...

That's Great Earl!

Comrade E.B. Misfit said...

The local gun clubs around here are looking into hosting Appleseed shoots.

You're doing good work, Earl.