Thursday, September 23, 2010

Am I not qualified? who? me?

I did go and shop and shoot, lovely rifle the M1 Garand, a lady with an AR and two gentlemen with scoped rifles came over to ask a bit about it. I don't really know that much, just my history with that fine rifle. I did start to shoot an AQT, the off hand and the cross legged sitting positions always my weakest so more practice. The prone is almost rock solid - I am so fat and gravity rules.

While I was preparing targets I found a notice that I have to take a classroom class and shoot a pistol at fifteen feet on the range to be qualified to use the pistol range. Don't think I voted for that, am sure that the instructor isn't better than I, am sure that some fool will not still do something stupid on the pistol range anyway, one day. But it is a reasonable idea to see if all the shooters can shoot safely, isn't it? If you have doubts, make the shooters pay for a Range Safety Officer to watch them shoot. Really...

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Old NFO said...

I'm not surprised in this day and age Earl... especially with all the liability insurance requirements.