Thursday, September 23, 2010

The cost of not preparing for the next war...

I am going shooting my M1 today, and I have some supplies to get for this weekend's Appleseed. I really do talk too much about Appleseed, and last night I found out I am a Designated Shoot Boss, not as cool as Senior or Master Instructor (they instruct instructors) but I can bring Instructors into the Shoot Boss position, and share my experiences and the rites of passage.

Over and over as I look at President Obama's War in Afghanistan, no matter what Bob Woodward wrote, I think we need to take our Marksmanship Units from the military, our top High Power shooters and instructors from the NRA, CMP, and volunteers to Afghanistan to teach long range rifle marksmanship, really. But it isn't something generals like, even colonels and majors would have doubts. I think Captains and the soldiers would like it, but does anyone listen to them - they can't even testify to Congress without special blessings. I also think we need to have more long range rifles in the hands of the troops, it is a long range Rifleman's war. IEDs are most effective against American ground mobility that isn't based on boots on the ground, but once the Americans dismount, spread out (disperse) and walk - IEDs and mines don't work as well. I share an article about it from the folks that have been there.
A Rifleman's War from Small Wars Journal. The PDF is worth reading.

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Old NFO said...

Earl, I'd go... When you teach sniping, you truly limit the bad guys range of movement, because they don't know where the next shot is coming from. :-)