Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I am not myself, so WWJD?

Watching the World News doesn't help heal me, but I did catch that some Preacher in Gainesville is going to burn the Koran, or bunches of them. And he was so certain sure, when asked by the News Reporter, what would Jesus Do? That Jesus would burn the Koran, too.

Well, the preacher is wrong, and burning Korans or protesting Mosques near Ground Zero (when did it become Holy ground?) isn't at all what Jesus would do, nor what he directed done to one's enemies. If you want to get the entire Moslem world upset and afraid of you, then organize world wide prayers for the saving of their souls, especially their suicide martyred ones. Get every Christian to pray daily for the Salvation of their Muslim brothers in their evil stupidity. Just add them to the daily list that you cover. Self, loved ones, family, friends, business acquaintances, strangers, and most definitely all your enemies - pray very hard for those still trying to destroy you and do good to them. Of course, remembering that the National Leadership was afraid of displays of the Christian Cross, drinking alcohol, and waving the American Flag as we kicked Iraqi butts in the first Gulf War, I am sure that our President would not be in favor of a real Christian gesture of offering the support by prayer of saving those souls that did such evil on September 11.

I have enough on my plate to pray about, adding my enemies has always been there, probably why they missed me so much. Anyway, there won't be any reporters coming to see me about this idea, not contrary enough to get one to watch commercials on the evening news.


threecollie said...

That is excellent thinking Earl and I am sure that you are right.

Old NFO said...

Good points Earl, too bad they don't listen to the 'little people' like us...