Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What to do if you don't like the way it is...

I am sure I got over being less than rich and handsome when I was much younger, I got a job and earned money and just didn't bother the young ladies. But this recent being less strong and healthy, well, I don't like it - my son has a word for it, but I won't use it, I just don't like it. Weak, and I have been sick before, but always seem to be thinking I was going to get better and back to normal. Age seems to be slowing that recovery process down. I did get my family doctor an x-ray of my chest but haven't heard since but finally decided that the rain wasn't going to lock me into the house I went out.

I did have my Appleseed Shoot Box delivered to my front porch, UPS Ground, there is everything inside I needed to include the Revolutionary War Flag set. Now I can look like the cool Shoot Bosses everywhere else.

I had a Stevens target rifle I needed to set the sights on, and pretend I still remembered how to shoot. It is a single shot so, it shouldn't be too taxing - (speaking of which President Barack Obama sent my wife mail today - hmm, I haven't bothered his family). Anyway, I went to the range and set my targets up, got the cheap Remington .22LR out, and started to see if I remembered all six steps in taking the shot. Especially the follow through on the trigger finger.

I did about seven shots without a sling, sighed and went and found an old 1907 pattern one, cheap leather must have been made in China. Put it on the rifle then on me, adjusted it twice and settled back into shooting. Two constants in my mind, WR waiting for my happy finger, and Junior Birdman saying don't fuss the shot. I measured my drop and left, then went back to the rifle to figure out which way what turned, and guessed about how many clicks were for Minutes of Angle. The deflection was wrong way, I did it again and doubled the error, so went the other way and hit black barely, minor correction and then put five on another sighting square. Okay, except for the one that went a bit left I was ready for practical application of rifleman, rifle with proper settings and target.

So I shot a Redcoat target, and I did just fine, still not shooting up to the rifle, but I hit all the targets properly. When one can quit a winner, one should. Take a picture since there were no witnesses to the achievement. I can continue to prepare for this weekend's Appleseed, if I can do it, I should be able to teach it - no matter how weak I feel. I wonder how upset Samson was when Delilah cut his hair? Being weak ........ it just isn't right.

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Anonymous said...

Earl, I share your experience with getting older.

Like you, I complain (mostly to myself) about the "not being able to do what I used to do - or be what I used to be".

But in the true fashion of life, there's a half-full side to the emptying glass: Old age gives us the time and opportunity to pass on to those younger than us the important lessons of life.

Perhaps we can save one or two - or more - youngsters some of the apathy, ignorance, and laziness which we had to wade thru in order to get where we are today...