Thursday, September 9, 2010

Men sending messages to my wife...

I am not really a jealous man, remembering when I was about to really beat somebody badly, but it would have taken a while except he saw ugly in my eyes and we shifted to diplomacy. Normally we could have had a good fight then shared a beer after, but he had stepped over the line and wanted to cross back.

Yesterday's mail had an envelope from President Barack Obama, inside were three pages of print, and a picture, on the back of the picture was the important message:

President Barack Obama cannot defeat the Republicans without your support of the DNC. Please help the DNC keep up the momentum for change.

Paid for by the Democratic National Committee, . This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Photo copyright Brooks Kraft/Corbis

Well, I will have to work hard to make sure my wife doesn't help since defeating the Republicans wasn't on our list of things to do. She already tossed the suggested donations paperwork. Defeating other political parties is really the function of the other political parties. The remainder of the world has more important things to do, like make sure the family is loved today.

It is interesting to know that my wife, and they got her name wrong, is the reason that the President can't defeat the Republicans, I know she is that good but didn't think I had let it out of the house. And I don't know many Republicans I would vote for today, so they are on that pile of Democrats I don't know I would vote for today --- hmmm, do you think they have trouble getting my favorable attention? because they do what I don't like or don't do what I want?

We will be voting about two weeks before the rest of the State, over coffee and breakfast, absentee works if you aren't deployed in the service of your nation and the local political party thinks you are a danger to their little election empire. One day most of this state will be absentee mail in vote.


Old NFO said...

Earl, when they do mass mailings like that, they're figuring they will get 1-2% back... but when you do 15 million, that's not a bad haul! Vote with your MIND, not with your 'party tag'

Earl said...

Especially when you like to be tagged as 'difficult', rebellious, or very independent. Yep, none of the above is on some ballots some where.

Mrs. Widget said...

Me? I put everthing in the pre stamped envelop and send it back. They pay for postage. Though once my home state democratics sent a "send money" message. My note back had part "you realize that this is the most economically depressed area in the state and you want 100$ minimum?"