Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good Morning, World!

Strange dreams all night long. Two men that are in conflict in politics, small town life, and taking sniping shots at each other. I liked both of them but saw their stupidity and blindness - and wasn't helpful in getting them to see it themselves. Kept going back to the same dream, no resolution, which does make me tired.

I found some ambition or extra energy or just got tired of not knowing where anything was in the Computer Cave, I set up all three computers, and worked on each yesterday, got a lot of bills paid and posted, then started attacking the piles of procrastination that had been on the daybed (can't stretch out for a nap with that stuff in the way). Filled the trash bin, today is pick up day. Shocked my wife pleasantly. I still have the books to organize, and some radios to get where they will work best. In the end I have started on the road to a better Earl. Classmates.com has a new look, and still wants money for me and my time in the world, shucks, I am roaming out here for free and getting more of exactly what I want. Pistol classroom instruction tomorrow evening, qualification shooting on Saturday. It is about time I pulled the big guns out to play. Looking over an old yearbook I found a signature from Mister Mauger, my favorite History teacher and rifle club sponsor and coach. Telling me to stick with the rifle, I like that, hadn't paid attention to that before - it would have meant a lot back in 1962, and it is 2010, and still means a lot.

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Yoda of Math said...

You are an inspiration to me. I guess that it is time to start working on the sewing room/guest room. I really haven't done anything to it since we moved Mom down here.