Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lots to think about today....

It is Sunday and we went to church, I caught Face the Nation apologizing for having had to give the Democrats equal time after the Tea Party and those gloating Republicans. I didn't stay, at church fine singing, then the sermon and thoughts about Priests and Divinity School, then my wife suggested a movie - and Money never sleeps - and Michael Douglas looks more like Kirk every day as he gets older. That gives me more to think about, then we had Vietnamese Noodles at our local Pho Haus.

One of the things most interesting to me was a question about shooting, then not having guns in the house (not me, I have plenty), and what should one do. That got my whole sermon on - if you don't have one now, what would be the hurry, and having one doesn't get you to the point of using it, and which one and all the baggage that goes with it. The listener's eyes weren't glazing over, but I did decide that information overload wouldn't be productive, so I suggested that he and his wife meet me and my wife at the military range to shoot pistols. At least he would be that much more familiar with them. That could be happening this month.

I do wonder, why the media don't report on crimes in homes - like was there a working security system, did the homeowner have a firearm, how long did it take the police to arrive and apprehend the suspect? The kind of stuff I would really like to know. New movie coming out: Highway 61 (Pittsburgh area!). Does it seem to y'all that not only don't we have much business and industry in America - but they aren't really making many great movies, now?

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