Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guns seem to represent power to me.

The power of controlling someone else's life existence. If they are just for the "joy" of shooting, why would anyone need a conceal carry permit? Just haul on down to the range and waste a lot of ammo. I don't need the power to immediately end someone else's life. I don't want that power. (Explains why I don't own a gun.) Might explain a lot of other people's point of view. (It's good to understand people who don't agree with you. Even if it doesn't change your own reasoning.)

Yep, from one that doesn't understand anyone (sane, intelligent, nice folk type) need a concealed carry permit. I got mine, a License to carry concealed pistol, because the local politicians made bad laws that infringe on my RIGHT to keep and bear arms. I never felt powerless enough to need instant access to a firearm - either had one or was never in that terrible position. I certainly didn't get a firearm to increase the sexual activity I might have wanted to engage in - although my wife buying me my first pistol (a Colt .45 semi-automatic pistol - thank you, JMB) might have been an indication some of that myth made it to her ears? I like to shoot guns, I like to shoot guns well, and I don't like people that have no vested interest in my shooting telling me how or why or what or when or whomsoever.... nope, it is all about EARL.

I did renew the License when the first five years were almost up, but having never had to meet Marshall Dillon in the streets of Dodge, nor fight with or against the Earps in Tombstone, or be affected by Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy, local drug lords, crazy gun slinging sheriff deputies while walking in town thinking I was a vagrant -- -well since all the bad things seem to happen to other people I couldn't tell you why, unless it was to give me POWER - the politically correct and anti-gun goodness folks can't be wrong can they? I don't think it gives me power, it is just a weapon that I am familiar with and use responsibly. Nothing sexy there, move on along. It did grate on me that my brother is so sure he can save me from the imagined evils of my affair with the gun - kind of like being an almost alcoholic and told by a non-drinker that it will ruin me. Or one of those goody-two shoes that tell me how my life would be better if I followed their path to salvation, sigh.

Then during my heart walk I thought about it and he was right, and that is why they are all afraid - not of me shooting someone nice, or myself or spending all my family's money on more guns and bullets. They are afraid I won't be part of their new improved state control of everything for our betterment. They actually are frightened that the Second Amendment means exactly what it says:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Let me write what they like to think it should say:

A frightening disorganized well-armed mob of people, being a threat to the security of our Royal and perfect state, the right of the people to keep and bear ARMS will never be allowed into law nor common custom.

Silly folks, think that governments exist to destroy their people piecemeal, for their own good - Cambodia, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, now England all deny the people the right to defend their government, because the government isn't ever their government - it belongs to the rulers - however they got there.

Am I carrying a gun (concealed or otherwise) because I am afraid, feel powerless without it, or want to overturn the current powers that be too important to fail? Nope, I carry a gun so I can shoot well, have fun and understand at the deepest part of my life and my relationship with the American government - I, the armed citizen, am an important part of the security of the free State. A very, very important part. And those of you that ain't hardly count in the grand scheme of things.... well, I love y'all anyway, even when you are so wrong... go get a gun, learn how to use it and help protect a Free America.

PS link is to Breda, who is a convert and understands guns better now - but still has a way to go if her shoulder is bruising while firing High Power, she loves bloggers and guns.

PPS, the picture has nothing to do with anything except she is a librarian and once in awhile I remember fondly being a Library Keeper (and I couldn't carry a gun or my pocket knives in there - and I wasn't afraid there either - God is Always with us, Amen).


Anonymous said...

Earl, it's bear arms.

Otherwise, bang-on. (No pun intended.)

Earl said...

I could tell you I don't know how to spell, but I do know it is bear arms - but my fingers on one hand fly faster than those on the other. Now I have to choose to leave it for others to marvel at and look it up, I was actually reading it as I typed it up - different versions capitalize different words. Okay, if I want to be correct I had best get it that way, too.

Old NFO said...

"help protect a Free America" Amen... Good post Earl!

Daisy Miller said...

OK, ok, I can take a subtle hint...registered for the Yakima Appleseed. I wanted to anyway, just needed some inspiration to finally commit to it. All you had to do was post my picture!! Will you be there that weekend, Nov 20-21? Email me at daisymiller@bluebottle.com

...the Librarian

Earl said...

Hmmm, well I did get another email from my brother, saying that I had quoted him correctly - copy and paste, the typing of bear and bare prove that I had best use what is in front of me. I moved on to alcohol control in our state on this coming ballot.

I encourage everyone to go to a local Appleseed - and do dress for the weather, y'all been passing up the best of the Summer season - in the North of the country.