Friday, October 15, 2010

Folks aren't always the same as you thought...

checked my email today, and found one of the men that lived in this neighborhood has passed on. He and his wife were always walking the street in the nice evenings, and although I thought he did it for his heart, he always had a cigarette he was smoking. He was one of the committee members about the time I was in the Home Owners Association, a very nice quiet man. He didn't have a heart problem and hadn't seen doctors for years then suddenly got ill, recovered and got quieter and now had gone on. Getting old isn't for sissies.
The Sears Repairman came to our home yesterday and worked for three hours getting the treadmill back in tip top working order, I do need it. I am so out of shape - or rather I don't want to acknowledge that I am not in the best of shape, unless you like ROUND. I don't and I am hiding inside of this that I don't like, sigh, hiding is not something I like to do, blend into the background is more my style. Think like a rock and become one, that always worked for me in ambushes, if you think like a slavering predator the prey always knows something is drooling. Anyway, next time you are on ambush think like something from the surroundings - rock, tree, bush, pile of dung. Rock takes the least brain activity.
I called my doctor for a new prescription refill for the missing thyroid. Pick it up this afternoon, that will give me a couple of more times to hit the treadmill before I clean up to leave the home. Take your exercise in bits or all at once, but take it all everyday. I have been invited for coffee with three ladies in Pennsylvania, and I laugh, they know they are safe - I am not expected but they would not have trouble making coffee and talking - we haven't seen each other in many, many moons. Like about four hundred and fifty-eight or so. Facebook contacts the many so easily.
So how are politics where you are? Seems like less than three weeks to the election and I haven't the Voter's pamphlet nor the absentee ballots. For me, I am not too worried, but there are citizens in Afghanistan that need theirs mailed now to get back in time for the election. And I know that they aren't all Republicans, no matter what the Democratic party of Illinois thinks. That group of King-makers has been wrong before and will be again. I am afraid, which means I really lack confidence, that those thinking they are in power - will try to steal the election since they can't win it on merit. Remember Nixon, a Republican, that had nothing to fear from his opponent? And still they did Watergate break-ins? Something wrong with the people that go into politics and stay there? Probably tainted water or something.
My brother thought I might want to try politics, and one of my sisters thought I should substitute teach, and the other one just thinks I should be Earl. What I seem to be best at. I figure the recliner is going to kill me, I do need to get out of this house and back making my way in the world. Speaking of making way - time for the treadmill or wife's garden - something calls.

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