Friday, October 15, 2010

A hundred and twenty-seven pages for knowledge...

I went and got a short military haircut in case they need help with casting NCIS in Virginia - do not desire to do anything except see family in California. But in the mailbox is the State of Washington Voter's Pamphlet, November 2, 2010 General Election. When I get tired of watching the ads for elected positions in this state, I turn to the Korean News and watch the selection in North Korea. Interesting knowing that our two countries are still under a Ceasefire, but since we are the SUPER POWER, we can only go down --- while North Korea is so out of the rest of the world's reality (kind of reminds me of meth users) that when they wake up the only way to go it up. I think China just keeps them around as an example of what not to do in their Communist paradise.

I am on page fifty of the booklet, and have selected my votes, will probably sway my wife on too many words to work through - kind of like Congress on thousand pages of legislation that no one understands -- in the elected offices, there are a couple of opponents from the same party squaring up against each other - we have a primary that the top two elected will be on the final ballot - two Democrats or two Republicans or two mickey mouse club members - the top two. Well, more to think about. I know my wife likes looking at the pictures for her choices, and although she thinks voting for a woman isn't a good idea - she will for Senate. Rossi looks too much like a gangster the Republicans should have gone for someone else.

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