Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lack of faith in government.... heard that today...

I don't have a lack of faith in government, I have a certainty that government is not Good. Which law didn't you break today because of government? All of the above comes to my mind, I choose not to be a drunk, a dope addict, a murderer, a rapist, a bullying internet fiend. Since I have traveled much of the world the number of laws in other languages in other governments is amazing in the number that I haven't broken.

When I look at America, I find those in government think it has always been this way - but it hasn't. The people created the United States of America, and can un-create it, really. The government doesn't create life, didn't establish my family nor friends and certainly hasn't protected me from bad things in the night. For those that think the Constitution is just something only lawyers, judges and politicians understand - you are so wrong. It was written in English, easily read and understood. Unless you want to change it, and that seems to be the problem. The people establish a Federal government, with limits upon its powers. And those representing the people want to increase their powers for some fool reason.

I have often thought that those following the doctrine of Political Correctness want the government to replace God, unfortunately for them they can't. God was first, and will be there long after the United States of America mutates into something so ugly that no one wants to claim ownership. And God is Good, something that government never will be, especially when it seems the politicians are only a little less crooked than the crooks. How many FBI sting operations does it take to get confused about the Governors or Mayors and the Gang Lords?

Yeah, I have faith in the basic goodness of the people, but I am certain of the Love of God. We couldn't even get Mayor Majesty Blomberg to give up his fief of New York to someone more honest - had to change the election law. How everlasting is his seat?

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