Monday, October 18, 2010

Maybe the Sun doesn't know it is Fall...

or there aren't enough great clouds to hide behind. It is cold mornings to start, then warms gently, but the dew remains on the shaded grass in the yard. I did go for my heart walk, it thanks me. When I was returning Postman Devone was talking to Lois by her mailbox, I said a hello to both. Also met a fine beagle on a leash with its walker, the beagle would make a fine walking partner - I should volunteer to give it a walk, shouldn't I? As I came back from my postbox, with the election junk (discarded immediately) I get to be snift and greeted by Cinnamon, a Golden Retriever. Dogs and little children have always loved me, or so I truly believe. I was talking to my wife about Brady the other day, and a young boy asked about the pistol stuff I was taking out of my Caravan - so we had a discussion about guns, his father has some, and safety and making sure he has his father teach him when he get old enough. Take care out there.

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