Wednesday, October 20, 2010

running into DARK times...

between the Halloween costumes and neat spooky stuff on Farmville and neighbors on both sides of our home decorating for Halloween I have noticed that the monsters are back. VP Biden was in the great Northwest recently, President Obama is coming soon, too. Seems like Patty Murray can't run on her record, but she single-handedly saved Boeing from Airbus, she will use those extra voters in King County for civic improvement. Rossi is so slicked down that he looks like the gangster the Democrats keep labeling him. He is part owner of a bank that the Feds have under observation - but if your bank is FDIC that would be true, wouldn't it? The heavy political ads drove me from my wife and breakfast - although I did finish breakfast. I opened the blinds and stare into darkness and it is already six-thirty and still deep dark, saving our daylight for the commute tonight. It will get darker, dreams were fine last night, my wife had me walking in Minnesota or to Minnesota, she woke tired. Has to go to work earlier today, moving between buildings and she wants her Friday late afternoon free for her Bible study group.

Forecast for rain and wind Saturday and Sunday, today may be the best time to cut my lawn before November. The grass isn't getting the amount of sunshine it needs to really stretch, so every two weeks will work. The Appleseed in Castle Rock will be wet, we have pop-ups for covering the line and tarps for the ground, we will still be wet, we will still teach and shoot and have a great time. Pictures of course will be taken.

There are Christmas cards, wrapping and decorations in the base exchange - of course. It is time to get something out to those serving in far flung corners of American Power Projection - Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea, Germany and all the places the Navy and Marines go to perform. Our military is too small for our grand pretensions, but they keep trying.

Thinking of retreating to lesser footprint upon the world at large here. Looking at how much I shoot, which distances I am going to work at and what I want to accomplish in 2011 - I may just go back to the military range two weekends a month - twenty dollars max for fees. But then for the whole hundred and fifty I can drop into the Tacoma Rifle and Revolver Club most days of the week and the entire year - do the math - the TRRC wins!

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Old NFO said...

Good idea Earl- shoot more, ignore the MSM, and keep praying for those in harm's way on active duty! AND keep the wife happy :-)