Friday, October 22, 2010

Okay, I am late but look what I got in the email...

Hi Guys,

I got back from Wyoming where I practiced my target detection and range finding skills on antelope (as well as taking the shot, of course). I got one buck and four does over the course of a week-long hunt. Those critters sure get skittish after opening day and 200 yards seems like short range to me now. I had no shots under 200 yards and the two longest shots were over 400. All shots were with a sling using proper rifleman techniques. I found a great way to rig a hasty sling to a comfortable carry sling and I did a lot of walking. I took the 400+ yard shots prone but sometimes the grass was too long for prone and I had to resort to kneeling. It was good field experience that validated Appleseed training and it also validated that I've achieved the Appleseed goal of effectiveness at 400 and 500 yards.

I used for making up ballistics cards, essential for typical Wyoming antelope hunt ranges and wind.

Thanks to Earl, Wheeler, and Kratos for the Appleseed instruction and training and thanks to Sal for hooking me up with Appleseed,



Earl said...

Needless to say, we may have helped him sharpen his skills; it was he, his rifle and the targets that we only wish we could have been there to see. Good story, told him to post his letter and picture to the AAR for his Rifleman Appleseed. IT WORKS!

Jeffro said...

Good for you, Earl. Nice to see your efforts pay off.