Sunday, October 10, 2010

There are tough times and there is now and....

I watch a lot of Korean News, since I understand the language so little, have studied the two coups that brought real democracy and industry to the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and know the Korean media is telling me what the powers that be want me to know.

The North Korean example is total government control, under a kind of Communist Party with a little Asian philosophy and rule of the Kims, father, son and soon great grandson. Making great leaps, in place mostly (the Japanese were much better rulers but they really didn't like Koreans) the North has withstood the tender suggestions of Nuclear disarmament from the United States. So they have what they deserve, they have all that they can earn on their own merit. Remember we couldn't beat them and the Chinese in 1952. Always good to remember that.

Anyway, the United States isn't in the best economic condition now and I have been reading A History of the American People by Paul Johnson - and our early years as a country weren't the best - and are so different from today's. The answers were so different. But I was looking at the apple tree across the street, and thinking that compared to North Korea, where only the tiptop ruling family is FAT and everyone else is trying to gather enough grass to eat - America is still shopping at the Safeway, and allowing all the free apples to fall to the ground and rot. Not enough illegal farm laborers? Or are we just not industrious and thrifty any longer? The latter I believe, I get fatter doing so much less, I could be a leader in North Korea if I spoke the language better or had a Japanese Army to back me up.

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Yoda of Math said...

I read Abagail Adams: a life last summer (loaned it to Joy for her to read -- hope to get it back sometime), and I saw some of the same things about which you spoke. You might like the book, too. I highly recommend it.