Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yep, I will get qualified with the pistol for TRRC...

Went to my classroom instruction on pistol and revolver safety at Tacoma Rifle and Revolver Club. A I learned four rules of safety - Not Cooper's, not NRA and certainly not the Appleseed four. Close to the NRA ones, but they all do work. And then we listened about the rules at the TRRC ranges, which are Cold Ranges. That brought up the question about Hot Ranges and are there any.

Cold ranges are run with empty weapons while not engaged in shooting targets, and on our TRRC ranges there is a yellow line you must be behind if you are around the firing line, although you could be forward on the target line preparing the targets for the next round of Hot Range.

Hot Ranges are run with loaded weapons everywhere and you responsible for the safe use thereof.... most of your best tactical and combat courses are Hot - although I should tell you that the United States Military really run their training on Cold ranges.

Now the United States military when sending units to combat potential theaters, loads them up with ammunition for personal defense before embarking. Iraq and Afghanistan probably have different rules, but somewhere in the theater - troops are operating in HOT RANGE conditions, and when they get back to secure areas - some fool will make them go to cold range conditions, unloading the weapons and maybe even locking them up. One of the fool things I had to do in the basecamps in the rear in Vietnam - unload and lock up my rifle.

My point about writing this was that someone in the class didn't know the difference between hot and cold ranges (he was a member of the club), and he didn't know there were other kinds of ranges. So I made the point, after the instructor had carefully explained there were other kinds, That LIFE IS A HOT RANGE. It really is, although in our safe sane (protected by police and politicians with moral authority) First World culture we pretend it is a Cold Range. We have been wrong before and could be again.

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Old NFO said...

Excellent post Earl, and oh so true...