Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What has value, really? gold? time? what?

I am one of the fortunate in the world, a Baby Boomer, did nothing to deserve my place at the top of the pile of humanity on Earth. Born in America, mother and father married, grandparents alive, economy growing along with my fathers earning skills. I would have to look it up to see what political party was in control at anytime, although I remember Eisenhower's Re-Election campaign because of a jingle, I even remember his opponent Stevenson. Public school system worked for me, at least until Earl got in the way, and actually I was just sharpening my potential by seeing what was of value to me and growth.

Somewhere, around fifth and sixth grades, I started to become Earl I have memories of being me then, and not too many from before - except of people and events not of Earl. In my cowboy suit, I must have been about five, still living in Minnesota and not in school yet. But I was smart, learning and intelligent and more than anything I was loved. Can I remember being loved? Sure, I do know that I wasn't afraid of much, so I must have known I was loved. When I wanted to escape from my afternoon nap to go down town to see the circus or something, I fearlessly jumped from my second story window, and broke into tears after landing because my mother saw me land while she was ironing by the window. Ah, well, yep, I was fearless for my mother would tell me stories, or read to us from books and the Bible about heroes and war and tell us about adventures and stuff. I soaked it all in and I was wanting to read those adventures myself.

We have a digital picture frame, and keep adding pictures to it, and it rotates well, I get to see lots of babies. Me, my son, my grandson and it makes me think of those things of value that I was passed by my parents, who got them from their parents, and so on back to the past. Most of us have gotten love, given love and raised the next generation in love. Isn't it wonderful that the government can't tax it, proclaim it official currency for all transactions, nor creates it? When I die all I will have worth taking with me, the love I was given, all that I have worth mentioning will be the love I shared or just gave away. So the next time I realize that my time, life and money is just slip sliding away - I should remember that all I did for love, in love and with love will stand. It maybe the only thing of value I have ever owned, and it can't be bought.

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