Sunday, November 7, 2010

Are you ready for an Appleseed?

Not that Jeff Cooper didn't tell us to use our time on a couch during commercial breaks to practice our shooting skills, which we all do, but most of America is still driving into and out of the garage, parking as close as we can get to our destination, or never leaving the vehicle on our hunting gathering trips through the commercial jungles of modern America - not a lot of physical activity for sustained periods of time - the Appleseed is two days of getting up and getting down, getting up and getting down, walking twenty-five meters to check the targets (what is the distance a shooter will walk on an Appleseed weekend?) we do know how many rounds it takes to get through (about five hundred).

I do imagine that in the day, 19 April, 1775, most of the people of New England were more ready to fight up and down the road to Boston than their modern desendents. Just guessing that if you lived in Lexington, caring for and milking four hundred cows without modern machinery would take some effort, yep.

I have been feeling like I haven't been getting my proper level of physical fitness, but I do see that there is a difference between me and the shooters that come with less active life styles. And just think, Americans everywhere, Appleseed doesn't grow everywhere, not everyone else is learning how to shoot better, walking back and forth to target lines getting lower than a shooting bench or practicing the sitting or kneeling position enough times to fall into it, the same every time. Open mind, good attitude and appreciation of the difference a little preparation and time well spent can make in one's life. I do need to spend more time off that recliner that is conspiring with the cablevision to kill me - someone has called me to bail more on the sinking America. I am so unready for sustained exercise.


threecollie said...

Just looking at those good folks lined up on the ground and I was thinking...despite spending a very active week cutting brush, helping shovel some very noxious material out of a flooded barn etc. that getting on and off the ground like that would plumb hurt. I would do it though as long as nobody laughed too hard.

Old NFO said...

Earl- I'm painting this weekend and yeah, we're getting fat and sloppy... sigh... I've GOT to start working out! Keep up the good work Sir, and thank you for your service(s) To America, and now to Appleseed!