Friday, November 5, 2010

Earl is a dying breed... Darwin was right...

My wife hasn't been feeling very well, but she has made up the potluck for her work, and went off with it and stopped to tell me to answer the telephones today. When I mentioned I had planned to be away, she asked if I had my cell phone. This is where my breed is going to die off. I didn't have instant access to my cell phone, I didn't really know exactly where it was. I was going to get it with all the other preparations for my departure tomorrow very early dark. But at that moment I was not one of the mainstream metrosexual mostly Men, sigh. I did have the two day ragged growth of beard on my face, but hadn't shaved my chest or legs. I did have instant access to a 9mm pistol, and about fifteen sharp knives, and fourteen other firearms with ammunition for all. But I didn't have the cell phone. I can't survive.

Oh, and Patty Murry won the Senate seat again, so you see, I am not of the fittest.

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Old NFO said...

LOL- I'm there with ya Earl... Guns/knives, things to defend myself... yep... computers/cells extranious stuff, not so much.