Friday, November 5, 2010

One taxpayer, three or four levels of government?

Okay, it is morning, the Institute For Justice had this nice video, easy to understand and it goes to a couple of points of mine. One, me, and all those hungry levels of government needing my attention - why?

I watched the media too much yesterday and listened to a left leaning rational person tell me that the Right has a monopoly on news that only they believe. She had not looked closely at the Gun Control arguments? Duh. Not saying that I haven't heard about Black Helicopters, but I still remember my mother about to flee the United States because George W. Bush was going to become President. Seems that the promises of terrible Right-wing control of all that was good, done by the Left Liberal Media had scared her, since she actually knew people that had suffered in South America from evil men in charge.

I am going to exercise now, unpack my Caravan, pack up the discarded electronic trash for disposal, buy my Lotto tickets, go shoot, pack up my Caravan and prepare for the weekend. I already planted a four day crop in Farmville, so that will wait. What is amazing is that I am not sure I had to have the government for any of that - really. Was my morning gruel healthy because General Mills and Quaker Oats are watched carefully by the different levels of my tax payer dollars? Didn't we have thousands and thousands and thousands of years without the government control of what we ate? smoked? slept under? walked over? huh? Maybe increasing government control is one of those Darwin things - too much and we die off, those without prosper? It wasn't done this way when I was a lad... and it really wasn't, Grandfathers did okay.

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