Thursday, November 4, 2010

I feel free! wonder what that comes from...

Okay, Bread Love and Dreams is over, the Korean serial I watched twice a week, 36 episodes. It ended very happily ever after, and for a story about baking bread, it had all the drama, violence and beautiful young women one could hope for in life. I am so glad that I have had beautiful women in my life - I have never done anything to deserve it, but really cool that they exist, isn't it?

I was thinking that the reason I feel so free is that I have both computers up to standing position for my better health. Maybe, that makes me feel more in control, the first of the three Appleseeds I am working this month starts this weekend. Will pack out the Caravan and fuel up today. That might also make me fell free, as these seem to be the last ones I will be working for a while, 2010 is almost over isn't it?

Now the dust is settling over the election hype and hope, we can all move on from that. My brother wrote that he worked the polls in Colorado, and they had some problems. Nothing major, since we went to absentee ballots we take lots of time to count, very good turn out here in Washington State, lots of things to vote on -- I think it should be a rule that King County (where Seattle is) should count their votes and announce them first, so all the other counties can turn their votes in after. But King County is large, really large in population of many things - bears, deer, cougars and such.

Second mug of coffee done, weighed, measured and medicated, I think breakfast and Fox News Now... time to really break free, the day is starting and the Sun isn't even up yet.

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