Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Holidays...

I have been out ruining the picture perfect snow covered landscape. You see I don't think too much about slipping on icy walks or driveways that are just slides and such. So it is twenty-seven degrees out, I get my shovel and start clearing snow from the concrete. There is a Sun behind the clouds and some radiation gets through. Snow being white and very reflective, and also a fine insulator must be moved away, to allow the radiation to hit the darker concrete, to allow the air, which may wick icy moisture away, away. The other thing is I have to move to burn calories and my wife is baking a pumpkin pie, like my mother taught her. And y'all aren't coming to help eat it... the price one pays for being in an abundant Earth. If I don't get back by the time the football starts, have a happy holiday, and do give thanks - we have too much and want so much more. Definition of spoiled isn't it?

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