Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just having too much fun...

Wind chill and snow flakes and big clouds in the afternoon, Earl is going to work hard on his shooting skills as soon as his final Appleseed if closed out in December, yep. And he is going to get prettier and friendlier and send a little extra to Uncle Sam(uel Whittemore) fine veteran he was. If nothing else, I really do like those fine people I meet on the line, working to improve everyone's safe and accurate (to only 4 MOA). People liked my Stevens target rifle, my CMP Target 22LR ammunition and of course the fine BATTLE RIFLE called the M1 Garand. I took lots of pictures but it was dark by the time I was driving out of Yakima, and the snow was flurrying down. Ah, large black coffee, oldies and the Blues and remembering to downshift instead of braking on the mountain pass road, I-90, the folks in charge slowed us down to forty-five and except for three crushed cars on an icy bridge - most of us handled the challenge safely. Good night! The shooters were awesome, lots of Riflemen and potential ones in the future.

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