Sunday, November 28, 2010

Piles of Procrastination and Pocketsful of Plunder..

So, awhile ago, Breda had a thing about what one was carrying, and asked for photos. Most comments don't have a way(IKNOW)of posting a picture, and since the camera was one of the things in the pockets - it has difficulty in photographing itself... like I have difficulty in seeing and coaching myself in shooting techniques and finding my problems. So I found the old digital camera and made a picture to share. Since it was a bit and a time ago, it has been lifted from the piles of my procrastinations. Kind of like asking forgiveness for one's sins, then adding more and asking again and again - the sins come faster than the requests are generated... so they do pile up. Don't give up, one day you will sin less frequently and pray for forgiveness much more and balance and grace will be yours. Almost like finally conquering your diet then the chocolate comes around.

The piles of papers aren't totally things I should have done already, but much of it may be so upon reflection. The handle each piece of paper only one time didn't really stick, the papers I only handle once are torn in half immediately - that makes them only a dim memory so fast. Others I work with when I get to them... I was much better with letter writing answers when in the military, sigh. I will get back to them... in a bit.

I dressed so well for church today, size forty, I am way so big. Last evening I was at a home Bible study for the men, the women get together to make sure we are fed, and the men go off to talk and then have the Bible study and then eat and talk some more. I started the ball rolling by telling them they were messing with my marriage because they weren't going to shooting clinics with me on the weekends, and since they were different than I and my wife's marriage their wives were picking on mine for her not being worried about my absences and what was I really doing. They (the men) know I am not doing anything - but they also understand that their wives really do like everyone to be the same in life... I did get a want to get a gun from the younger man that wants to get one in his home, I offered my pistols and the Fort Lewis range on Saturday at the Bible study, and later again to him and his wife at the after church coffee. The Pastor was wound up this morning, great sermon about why and such, at the coffee he came by saying hello again. He had asked at the service for new comers to raise their hands, and if you hadn't been there in the last two weeks - not being shy about it, I did raise my hand - he made it seem that meant I could be saved. I certainly hope so, so when he came by again at the coffee I offered to take him shooting, too. Rifles. Seems he had to give his up when they left Montana (wife's choice?) but he was impressed with black powder shooters and Hawkins Buffalo hunters. He may come shoot, and I may get saved... or not. The offers always stand.

And yes, I did carry successfully at church, can hide a lot in that suit, I did enjoy the service, they start with almost a rock band sing along - I have fallen for the drummer, but there is a child and I suspect I will have to only like her drumming and the smiles the boy gives his mother (no, I write these stories only in my mind, I will never be anywhere but in the pews singing while she drums). Well, enough, there is an NCIS marathon today, and Seattle will likely lose to Kansas City, but then it is all about the Benjamins... isn't it? Nope, it isn't - after so many years on Earth all that stands out in my life is the amount of love I have received so undeserved. Do you know there are young people out there that don't know about John Wayne? Shocker to me, too.


Old NFO said...

Ah yes... I'm STILL trying to get that whole handle once thing down myself...

SPQR said...

I don't know if 31 is a young person. I like to believe it is. I can only assume that the young people you were talking about are younger than I. I will stop pretty much any Sunday activity (except watching the Colts) to flip to AMC to watch a Duke movie. I like Big Jake, he calls his dog Dog. I like Maureen Ohara. She is twice the woman and twice as talented and nine times prettier than the starletts they throw at me nowadays.