Friday, November 26, 2010

True, eating too much might cause dreams...

Not that all that goose was consumed yesterday - but there is no sign of the pumpkin pie. The goose was very good, especially since we don't normally have that - like ever. My wife pointed out its price and I understand (no, I never price food). There were some potatoes and much stuffing left - the asparagus was gone, and I carved all the remaining meat for later.

The dreams were military, there was running on the roads, there was shooting and rifle safety (which doesn't come up much), there was a new assignment dream - meeting the commander and being naked, the position was First Sergeant (which is a great position to have lots of effect). I hadn't gotten my office set up with uniforms and bug-out bag (alert gear, really) so I wandered a lot without clothes on, doesn't bother me much - I have been to Munich where the secretaries shed all their clothes for lunch time in the sunshine in the city. And I went to my Basic Training in Fort Benning, GA. in WWII barracks with un-stalled toilet facilities, no secrets among the guys there.

Since it is Friday, and I may have gained three pounds or more, I will have to do something productive before nightfall, wish me luck.

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Old NFO said...

I did something productive... I slept in... :-)