Saturday, December 18, 2010

Address book... what is that today, where is it?

Yes, I am late for Christmas cards and gifts - my mother would be shocked, sure that I have lost the Christmas Spirit she so carefully cultivated in her family. A very wonderful time of the year, and we got to get cards and letters from all over the world - from friends and family. She would line the mantles, door frames, doors with the cards for this year, and take last years cards and cut them up for decorations on boxes for gifts and such. I once was organized enough that I had a great address book, and the name of the person was written in ink, and the address and telephone number was done in pencil - for I was in a mobile military society and as often as I changed the homestead many of our extended family and friends did also. But then I retired, and plunked myself down, and didn't update, or thought that I could keep it on a computer, so easy to update and keep track of.... until I lost all the stuff on the one computer to bad things, and then when reconstructing didn't want NCIS to hack into my information on friends and family... not that they were going to - but it is on television so it must be true. Although their keystrokes don't look real enough to me.

I was recently asked for some addresses - but I haven't found them yet, so I went to a source that isn't answering the request, but I am still working through so I have pieces of what I want and building. In the end, like too many rifles (what? there is no TOO many of a good thing) you need the one that will do the job, at hand when you need it. The computer isn't it, so back to name in ink, address in pencil in a book beside the dictionary and within reach. So y'all can send me your updated address and telephone number by email, so I also get your email address at the same time. Or don't and that will be one less potential commercial contact list that you would be on.

I do know that my mother was excellent at the baking, cooking, the sharing and loving of us all at Christmas. And she loved to get presents and cards, and hugs and kisses, and memories of sights, scents and sounds of Christmas. Since I can't be with her this year, you are all invited to her side, keep us all in your prayers - that was my experience for many deployments far away on the other side of the world or country - in your thoughts and in your prayers. There are good people out there missing us now, remember them all. Merry Christmas, if I can find your address you might get a belated card. Love y'all anyway.


Old NFO said...

Well said Earl, we may not be there in person, but we CAN be there in spirit!

Long-time RN said...

Lovely post, Earl. I don't comment often, but read regularly. Enjoy your writing and commentary even more since your retirement. Merry Christmas to you and your family.