Thursday, December 23, 2010

End of the Year reflections already...

On facebook someone comments that 2010 wasn't a great year, but then they didn't go to Hawai'i to be with their grandson and family, ride a motorcycle across the United States meeting bloggers and friends and family - some of which were all three. Maybe they were Democrats voted out of office in November and wondering what kind of a life they would have after the New Congress cleans house. I got to work fifteen Appleseeds, hug pretty girls, my mother and my wife - not at the same time - and continued to shoot better all year.

Now I do have to report that having a minor surgery for cancer wasn't on my wishlist, it being successful was great. My wife's doctor and hospital time went well and not too often. I haven't been starving this year - over eating is more the problem than lacK. I haven't run, nor worked, nor invested my earnings well... nor enough - but that isn't the year's fault, if I looked in a mirror I would find the perpetrator, or his reflection.

Nope, the year 2010 was great, the Trusty Triumph purred, the rains mostly held off me, the grandson had smiles just for me because I was paying attention, my wife continues to try and make me a better man - because she loves me and will miss me when I am gone, and I am known by the company I keep - on the internet, facebook and in church and on the range. Good folks out there, thank you for all you do.

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threecollie said...

One of the high points in my life this year was getting to be one of the bloggers you visited. Merry Christmas.