Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hibernation announcement

I don't like saying good-bye, so I often just am not there when you turn around - forever being just a pleasant memory, I hope.

But I am going into hibernation from Appleseed and RWVA -- or taking time to prepare my taxes properly, or better prepare to meet my Maker (whose name isn't evolution), or going off to learn how to shoot better. That last one was the reason I went and joined the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, back in the day. Before there was an Appleseed in Washington State. A long time ago. I joined a second time and bought my CMP M1 Garand and took it and my Stevens target rifle to Yakima in October of 2008, meeting Wheeler44, Wade and Garth Vader. I was shooting along side Nate, who did make Rifleman and earn his patch with his AR that weekend. He was just farther ahead on our quest to master the rifle. I only scored enough to be encouraged to attend an instructor boot camp in Woodland, Washington in December, went right from there into an Appleseed at Wade's DAR (designated Appleseed range) working as an IIT.

It has been a great two years for RWVA and Appleseed and my participation. There are other things awaiting my attention. I expressed my feeling about being left behind before but my life is larger than RWVA and Appleseed and much shorter than I am prepared for, that procrastination pile is looming. I am fat, certainly not as good a Rifleman as I want to be, and I don't love enough. All things I need to address seriously and when they are back in balance I should be ready to see what has happened to Appleseed and RWVA, so off to hibernation to become a better Rifleman, husband, and Earl. With the Lord's help I have courage. Y'all be good out there and go with God, gently.


Anonymous said...

I hope you can still write a few lines here and there.
I have you in my favorites and stop by quite a bit. We are on the same road I think, if not side by side.
I wish you the best and hope you find your balance.
God Bless, from a fellow shooter and Marine Corps vet in Olympia.
The Broozter

Jeffro said...

Merry Christmas, Earl.

See ya when you're ready.

Earl said...

The blogging doesn't stop, I am just packing up the RWVA and Appleseed stuff to get some room. This blogging is on someone else's server and hardly takes more than twenty hours a day.... and you do it while driving and snapping pictures, Jeffro.

threecollie said...

You seem like an excellent Earl from where I am watching. Best wishes for your endeavors.