Monday, December 13, 2010

Home again is good, my home and I being here...

Woke up in the late darkness of the night, and spent a long time talking to my wife about family and friends far away and long ago. Finally talked into a warm glow, I get up and make coffee and go turn on the computer and almost finalize my Internal After Action Report for the fine Appleseed at Eagle Creek, Oregon. I sent off the Promotions report to dond, and the crew earning them. Only one piece of paper and the money order for the walk-on shooters' fees and I will be ready to announce my hibernation. My mind no more in turmoil, I go back to bed and deep into dreams of otherwheres, I always think there are great stories there but never remember to write them down when I awake.

When I wake the second time, looking for another mug of hot black coffee I look out to see a strange car in my driveway, and open the door to see what is up. My wife's Ladies' Group is coming to pray, and sing, and talk over tea and eat and talk. All I have to do is run and get stuff and be a big genial guy and proper host (we will try and fool them). As I was away making Riflemen over the weekend, my wife was entertained and cared over by her friends and folks from the church - she reported they had a great time without having to worry about bothering me, since I wasn't home. They laugh and joke and carry on talking about how helpless or bad or bumbling their husbands are, but so good about caring for them and the children. All in Korean, which most of the husbands pretend not to speak. If Robert Jordan were still alive he could write a series of fantasy books about gender politics and communities. Oh, he did but didn't finish it.

I get special rice cake and three oatmeal cookies, they always feed the fellows behind the curtain, then go back to chattering away, happy.

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Old NFO said...

Sounds like an interesting day... :-) At least you got fed :-)