Monday, January 31, 2011

The New Me Cleans up the toys...

I will be off the computer by nine, I will.
This is the center of my farm, in farmville, which makes cleaning up my toys real easy - they rest on other servers and hardly clutter my online machine. I wanted everything in this picture and they are mine. The dogs are Rascal and Tuffy, both level five dogs, Rascal will harvest twenty animals, and Tuffy does ducks. Farmville didn't come with dogs when I started playing. My first complaint was no dog and no rifle, how could one be a farmer. They took care of the dogs, and I built a range on the West of the property, but my weapons are well concealed. Notice the gate guard, the Blue Soldier - that means way too much to me, the golden garden gnome is for when the Fall comes and I need gold to get by since the Federal Reserve will be burning bills... as the presses get too hot to handle.
When I ended up with enough Saint Patrick goodness of some kind (coins in the kettle) I got an Irish keep "Shamrock Castle", one of my far off dreams in my real life, found in my virtual "no life upon the internet". I can grab a small copy of the Stonehenge for the garden. Surround it with interesting trees, would have used oaks but they are very few between. The Magnolias lend enough pink to this farmer without muddy boots to be softer. I get much dirtier working up the local gardens. My preaching cousin noticed and complained through facebook about no churches, since one could almost build a town on a farm, I found "Ruins" which look much like an abandoned chapel, nice autumn touch, in the trees and the surrounding brush don't you think? My virtual life shouldn't be without a place to worship, shoot, nor frolic with the dogs. Only the planted crops wither without care, so when I can't play I plant long growing stuff, or just leave the field fallow, or plowed. My neighbors can't get experience points and coins if they can't help fertilize my plots, five plots per day's visit.
I would share coffee, but they are hardly there when I come home. Although I am always waiting now, once there was only me on an empty farm, then the dogs ran to greet me, and I could wander to help my neighbor out. Truth is we all started loving being boxed in the center of the farm, walking around takes time and we had other farms to visit. To increase the knowledge of visits, one could leave message signs, and then post messages, now a ghost awaits for your accepting the help of that virtual person, and you can take snapshots. For your farmville photo album.
Virtual toys, would rather help build my grandson's castle and make appropriate sound effects, and laugh happily. There are some things still missing in farmville, but then there are many things missing in many real lives. Go get some of that laughter, and a cup of coffee. Speaking of which, my wife is up and I am off for that cup, and breakfast - OATMEAL gruel, don't know why bacon is lauded so much.


Old NFO said...

I'm glad I never got into Farmville... :-)

threecollie said...

Now you've made me want to check out my farm and see if all my ponies and my doggy, Mike are doing okay. lol BTW, Mike is a girl on Farmville...don't know quite how that came to pass.